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The Keeldeep Approach


Our Vision

Our vision is simple: business improvement through more capable executives and more capable organisations. 

By understanding your business, we provide solutions that are fit for purpose and appropriate for you.  We do not offer answers looking for a question or solutions looking for a problem.

Our commitment

A focus on outcomes through: clarity, openness, trust, feedback and confidentiality

For organisations: Whether you want to assess a group of executives or a shortlist, evaluate your top team, develop leadership or conduct a full board evaluation, Keeldeep Associates provides the tools and expertise to achieve it. 

For individuals: Whether you are facing a new role, promotion, transition or organisational change, mentoring from Keeldeep Associates helps you to clarify business outcomes then get into action.


Confidentiality and Ethics

We comply with internationally recognised codes of ethics.  We have also helped organisations write, publish and train leadership teams on their own codes of conduct. Keeldeep's research into business ethics: "The Tone From The Top" captures learning from interviews with the chairmen of some of the UK's biggest and best known companies. We help organisations implement a seven step model for mitigating ethical risk.