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Team Development

Improving effectiveness


Business solutions

A UK FTSE250 plc engaged Keeldeep Associates to assess an overseas leadership team. After an extensive process and de-briefings, Keeldeep Associates designed and delivered an executive development workshop to drive focus, improve sales and reduce working capital. Outcome: renewed focus, precision, energy, challenge and support. "The tools and techniques have helped us significantly in our preparation and I believe we're genuinely starting to see some positive progress. Will keep you posted and thanks again." - Managing Director, overseas subsidiary.

A professional institution (c150,000 members) engaged Keeldeep Associates to facilitate board meetings addressing the output of its board evaluation. Different views and sources of tension were explored, highlighting areas of common ground. This enabled the board to focus on its purpose, processes and outputs with renewed energy. Outcome: a breakthrough agreement on board behaviours and practices.

An oil exploration and production company's executive committee wanted external facilitation for a key off-site team review.  Individual interviews preceded the main event.  Despite the inevitable risk of tension among forthright senior executives, problems were diagnosed and solutions developed.  The team concluded with clear actions and a way forward. Outcome: agreed behavioural changes based on a revised operating model.

"We got much more out of it than I anticipated." - Chief Executive Officer.  "We did a debrief at the end of Friday and there was universal acclaim for the facilitation.  You knew when to step in; you knew when to step back.  From a standing start, you did a great job for us."  - Chief Operating Officer.

Accelerating Top Team Effectiveness

Team effectiveness is arguably one of the greatest determinants of business success.  At senior levels, individual technical competence is rarely in doubt.  However the way executives work with others can have a profound impact on productivity, creativity and overall success. The "Tone From The Top" has huge impact. We help you use it to best effect.  


  • From a work group to a real team
  • Performance acceleration
  • Enhancing trust and conflict resolution
  • Getting "the elephant" on the table
  • Shared expectations and goal alignment
  • Leadership development
  • From 2nd gear to 5th gear
  • From Breakdown to Breakthrough



We help leaders to appreciate the wider context, the team’s psychological contract and trust relationships. We help you address issues that may be hidden. We understand the “How” as well as the “What” of accelerating team effectiveness.  Keeldeep Associates draws on experience of top team assessments and development programmes in the USA, Caribbean, Europe and the Middle East.  With business ethics centre-stage, Keeldeep Associates draws on its ground-breaking research with some of the UK's best known chairmen to help you implement our seven step model for mitigating ethical risk.  See the Thought Leadership page to download a copy of the report "The Tone From The Top."