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Executive Assessment and Board Evaluation

High performance


Business solutions

An AIM listed plc board review identified improvement opportunities for strategy simplification, board structure, board processes and senior succession. Outcome: Recommendations accepted with a clear action plan and implementation programme.

A private equity owned company wanted a clear answer to the question: "Do we have sufficient leadership bench strength to run this company as a plc?" 20+ detailed assessments provided the answer, informed the IPO and subsequent promotion decisions. Conclusions were presented to the main shareholder, chairman and board. Predictive accuracy gave the confidence to use Keeldeep Associates for multiple further assignments: external executive recruitment, internal promotion, succession.

A UK plc used a tier one headhunter to provide a shortlist for a main board role: Group CFO. Keeldeep Associates designed and ran an assessment programme to inform the final decision. Outcome: entire shortlist was assessed; offer accepted.

A large manufacturer wanted a new managing director for an overseas subsidiary. Keeldeep Associates ran assessments across three European locations, partnering with an international search company that had produced the shortlist. Full data and analysis were presented to the client who then made a fully informed selection decision. Outcome: offer accepted.

An AIM listed PLC commissioned a three-part board evaluation. Outcome: report accepted in full with an inivitation to review the quality of changes implemented in six months' time. Process, and commitments published in annual report.

A board evaluation for a UK regulator included a detailed questionnaire for both the board and executive management. A mid-project review with the Chair and CEO confirmed key themes. Outcome: The evaluation report informed subsequent board facilitation by Keeldeep Associates leading to clear actions.

A national charity wanted a full governance review. Working closely with the chairman and CEO, Keeldeep Associates designed a board evaluation questionnaire that analysed quantitative and qualitative information. This was followed by in-depth individual interviews before consolidated themes and recommendations were presented to the full board. Outcome: Action plans fully implemented. Keeldeep Associates were invited back to conduct the next triennial board evaluation.



  • Assessment for selection
  • Assessment for development
  • Assessment for succession
  • Executive due diligence in M&A
  • From "I think so" to "I know"

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Board evaluation

  • Board evaluation for compliance
  • Board evaluation for improved effectiveness
  • Improving the committees / main board relationship
  • Improving the executive / non-executive relationship
  • Board performance review and renewal
  • Board facilitation to turn information into action plans 


"We have accepted all the recommendations, agreed the actions with deadlines and asked for your independent assessment of our implementation in six months. Many thanks for your great help with this." - Senior Independent Director

"Thank you for the work you have done for us. The way you helped us to identify areas for improvement was both thoughtful and effective. Additionally, your ability to distil the data into key recommendations facilitated good debate and clear action plans that pick up all the recommendations. It has been a very worthwhile exercise and was strongly backed by all our Trustees." - Chairman

"It has been incredibly useful with some very important learning points and also a good validation of much of what we have been doing." "We still refer back to the work you did for us." - Chief Executive Officer

"This is the second time that Keeldeep Associates have conducted a board evaluation for us. As before, it was a thoroughly professional process with some excellent insights into how we can improve our effectiveness." - Chairman