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A successful methodology

Building Resilience

Keeldeep lecture at Kent University Business School 2018

Good leadership - Culture, Ethics and Conduct in Financial Services

Full report 2017

Culture ethics and conduct in financial services

Conference article 2017

NEDs - The Ethical Dimension

Keeldeep London seminar 2016

Governing Culture

Board Leadership in Purpose, Values and Culture 2016

Executive Assessment

How & why executive assessment can mitigate leadership risk 2016

Leadership Enables Agility

Leadership and organisational agility 2015

CEO Today - Tone From The Top

Keeldeep Associates in CEO Today 2014

The Sunday Times - business ethics

Keeldeep Associates in The Sunday Times 2014

The Ashridge Journal

The Tone From The Top - Keeldeep research article 2014



Good leadership - culture, ethics and conduct in financial services

A City conference sponsored by the Chartered Insurance Institute and The Chartered Management Institute. Download the two-page article

Business book: Governing Culture

Keeldeep Associates proudly contributed to "Governing Culture - a guide to board leadership in purpose, values and culture." Launched by The Financial Reporting Council at The Mansion House in the City of London, this important new guide explains the new board imperative. It is available to download.

Business book: The Tone From The Top - how behaviour trumps strategy

Keeldeep Associates' research: "The Tone From The Top" featured in The Sunday Times, CEO Today, The Ashridge Journal and HR Magazine. The book "The Tone From The Top" includes a 7-step model for mitigating ethical risk, more than twenty case studies and extensive leadership guidance.

"Anybody reading this engaging book will learn from it, and taking head will contribute to a better informed, and behaved, leadership in companies, to the benefit of wider society." Philippa Foster Black CBE, Director, Institute of Business Ethics. "Ian Muir rightly points out that to minimise ethical risk, companies should strengthen their recruitment and assessment processes. The best way to avoid bad apples is to prevent them from joining the organisation in the first place." James Reed, Chairman REED.

To order copies please Click Here    For guidance on implementing the model in your organisation, please contact us.



At Keeldeep Associates we help business leaders multiply their contribution through their impact on others. We understand the “How” and the “What” of improving effectiveness, bringing deep insight, close support and results delivery.


Watch the Hemming Robeson interview featuring Keeldeep Associates' research on The Tone From The Top.

Watch Ian Muir from Keeldeep Associates present The Tone From The Top to an invited audience of HR, Compliance and Governance specialists. Part one duration 22 minutes.

Watch Ian Muir from Keeldeep Associates present The Tone From The Top part two: the seven step model for ethical risk mitigation. Duration 18 minutes.

Watch a summary of the audience feedback to The Tone From The Top seminar.  Duration 2 minutes.


Watch Ian Muir from Keeldeep Associates presenting to an invitation-only audience of 80 chairmen, non-executive directors, aspiring NEDs, representatives from private equity, remuneration advisory consultancy and "C suite" executives. "What makes an effective non executive director?"  Central London seminar 2013.  Duration 22 minutes.

Watch a summary of the audience feedback following the "What makes an effective NED" seminar. Duration 3 minutes.