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Executive Mentoring

Accelerating results delivery


Business solutions

A PE-owned technology company commissioned a mentoring programme to assist its scale-up ambitions. Key areas: emotional intelligence, 360-degree wide-angle vision, communication and influence. Outcome: Greater awareness of organisational politics, improvements to international working, accelerated technology standardisation, faster product roll out.

A CEO wanted to manage stakeholders better. Sponsored by the Chair, and during the Covid-19 pandemic, a six-month programme was run entirely via video. A clear process and rapid responses from all parties enabled a regular "drum beat" of interactions, responses and solutions. The outcome was higher confidence among all parties, clearer communication, less "fire-fighting" and a "no-surprises" environment. 

A first time CEO wanted to accelerate performance to make the role his own. Sponsored by the Chairman and also against the backdrop of Covid-19, a six month programme was run entirely by video. An agreed agenda enabled detailed research, advice based on real life experience and key follow-up points. At completion, a "Letter-to-self' set out the "what" and the "how" of enhanced performance for the coming year.

A plc Group Director of Training wanted guidance on a major company-wide project. Over a six month period, external programme management delivered a focused set of results and enhanced line management engagement. A combination of techniques included stakeholder analysis, a detailed contact plan, precise project plans, weekly multi-site conference calls, on-site team reviews and brainstorming sessions.

The Head of Reward for a high profile regulator wanted advice on strategy and implementation. A heavy workload required significant sequencing and stakeholder management. Over a six month period using specialist technical advice and personal style guidance based on 360-degree feedback, the executive was able to agree clear deliverables, influence more effectively and manage the workload to better outcomes.

A senior business leader faced a dilemma regarding the performance of a division.  Its manager had undoubted technical skill but weak leadership capability.  Through a process of Socratic questioning it became clear that strong leadership was vital for success.  A change plan was drawn up and implemented.  New leadership enabled talented people in the team to rise and be recognised for their contribution as performance accelerated.



The myth of the hero super-executive has been tarnished by recent business scandals and failures.  And yet it remains a compelling idea – that some people can succeed all the time.

Leaders are experiencing a “no-win” situation: there is not enough time to do everything expected of them and there is not enough time to build experience to get things done more easily. More often, technically skilled people want support for clear, pragmatic next steps:

  • An independent sounding board
  • The first 100 days
  • Performance acceleration
  • From chief implementer to strategist and influencer 
  • From crew to captain


Our Approach

We are independent, grounded in objectivity and commercial reality. We help you multiply your productivity through your impact on others. Building on a clear picture of reality, we work with you to develop new ideas, new options, risk awareness and stronger self-belief. The focus is on inventing new opportunities and solutions together.


  • Independent challenge and support 
  • Encouraging you to see things differently and to “tell it how it is”
  • Expertise from business-to-business and business-to-consumer sectors, from manufacturing and service organisations.  We have also advised the not-for-profit sector. 
  • Keeldeep Associates takes great care to evaluate the effectiveness of mentoring, with an emphasis on measuring the return on investment.